Writing to the Church in Corinth (1 Corinthians 12:12–26), Paul gave a metaphor to illustrate the Church in action. He referred to it as the Body of Christ and spoke about how each body part was created to fulfill a particular role. Paul’s point wasn’t to address the human anatomy but to explain that every single person was created to serve Jesus Christ in whatever capacity they could.

The same is true for the Church today. Every Christian has a role to play to further the message of Jesus Christ. Simply put, this means you have a role to play at c|Life. You belong in the game.

Growing up, I played sports, specifically basketball. I loved to play and compete. I could practice for hours, dribbling, shooting, passing, and sometimes, even practicing defense. I loved every element of the game. Winters in the north can be brutal, but no matter the temperature, you could find me outside playing basketball.

The only thing I hated about basketball was when I had to watch the game instead of playing. Sitting on the bench and waiting to get in the game absolutely killed me. I remember being an underclassman in high school and having to sit on the bench, hoping the starters would blow a team out so that I could get in the game to play. Truth be told, I have never met a great athlete who enjoyed sitting on the sidelines.

I don’t want to be a person of faith who sits on the sidelines, watching the game progress. Don’t you want to get in the game? Don’t you want to make a difference at c|Life?

God has uniquely and individually gifted you, and on top of that, he placed you at c|Life. To do what? Sit on the sidelines and watch? Attend a Sunday service and go home? No! God has brought you to c|Life with all your gifts, talents, experience, and abilities to get in the game. So, come on c|Life, let’s get off the sidelines and get in the game! I promise you the view is much better from the court than the bench.