Read: Proverbs 18:4, Matthew 28:16-20, Mark 16:15

You now know your life will follow your words because your mouth is like a rudder, saying what your heart wants. You know that to go where you really want to go, you’re going to have to grow in places you’re not so sure you want to grow.

We’re going to be comparison destroyers who know who we are and Whose we are. We’ll flip complaints into praise by looking longer at our gifts and then up to the God who gave them. And when we want to push others down with gossip, we’ll crush gossip instead with our own confession. Then, when our big fat mouths want to lie, we’ll call it what it is and cling to the lie-deflating truth of God’s great love.

Want to know something? Your mouth matters to God. He has a story for you to tell. It’s called the Gospel, which just means good news. You might know all this. It’s the good news that His Son is all the grace anyone could ever need to overcome death and find a full and eternal life with a loving Father.

After He rose from the dead, and before He went back to be with His Father in Heaven, Jesus reminded us why our big fat mouths matter. With His last words, He asked us to go into all creation and proclaim the good news. We’re going to need our mouths for that. So let’s get them pointed in the way He wants us to go!

Pray: God, use my life and my mouth to tell Your story. You know where I fall short with my words. I ask for more of Your help so I can make You known in the world. Amen!

We would like to thank Life.Church and YouVersion for providing this plan.