An Examen is a weekly reflection exercise where you think back over your week. It’s a time to notice where you felt happy or challenged and to thank God for being with you. This practice helps you see the small ways God is part of your everyday life. At the end of the week, engage in the Examen to reflect on your experiences and feelings during the past week.

  1. Gratitude: Identify moments this week for which you are most grateful.
  2. Review: Reflect on the week with God. Notice when you felt His presence in your servanthood and when you faced challenges.
  3. Think About It: Are there any moments where you fell short in serving as Christ would? Bring these to God in a spirit of repentance. Are there moments you can think of where you were completely obedient in serving? What was that like?
  4. Prayer: What is on your mind this week? Where do you need God to show up? Be praying for a heart of service, especially concerning your CG’s upcoming SERVE project.
  5. Hope for the Coming Week: Seek God’s guidance for the next week. Pray for opportunities to serve and exemplify His love.