This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
— Psalm 118:24

Sometimes we are so busy looking forward that we miss the now. We miss the blessings and opportunities of today. From time to time it seems that, as Christians, we have a “someday” faith. One day it will be great to be a Christian. When we die. Well, while that is true, it is certainly not how we are called to live abundantly today. It is good to be a child of God today. Of course, the being in heaven thing after we die is not bad either! But let’s live as a child of God today.

Sometimes the now is a big hurdle for us. Today might not find us where we want to be or where we know we should be. We miss the blessings of today because we feel far from God. We think God would be mad at us if we approached him as we currently are. What a terrible mistake to make. And make sure of this: those thoughts are not of God. The sins of today are ones that Jesus died on the cross for. Those sins are not a hindrance to God blessing you. You making the mistake of not coming to him for help and grace are.

God demonstrates his love for us in this: While we were still sinners Christ died for us.
— Roman 5:8

God’s love for us is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. That is some really good news. He knew you on the day your received his grace and were saved. He knows you now and where you are today. And he loves you. That should make tomorrow worth walking into as a confident child of his.

If you have not received the gift of God’s grace, do so today. It will make your today better and your future secure. If you need help knowing how to do this, contact one of our pastors at c|Life or ask a Chrisitan friend.