Several years ago, I read a story about a minister who had grown up in London during WWII. He said that when he was 9 or 10 years old, he would get up every morning and go outside into the rubble that was left by the German bombers. One day he found a shard from a jeep’s broken mirror. He took it, filed it down, and smoothed its edges until he had a small piece of the mirror a little bigger than a quarter. He then would play a game with it. He walked around the rubble of London and used the quarter-sized mirror to reflect sunlight into the darkness of the broken and fallen buildings of his hometown. Later in life, he felt called into the ministry. He thought back on those childhood days and felt that, as a minister, he was called to do the same thing: shine light, God’s light, into the darkness of his adult world. He carried the quarter-sized mirror in this pocket each day for the rest of his life to remind himself of that calling.

Jesus told us that we have this same calling:

“Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”
— Matthew 5:16

That is our call, to carry the light of Christ into the world with us each day. Sometimes, we do not feel like we shine very brightly. But the good news is that it is really God’s light that we can take into the world each day. God provides the light. We can be the reflectors of that light that he gives to all of his children. It is an important calling for our lives. The world must see the light. Light reveals, it guides, and it can lead us safely home.

And here is some good news: It doesn’t take a perfect person to reflect this light, just a saved one.

Let your light shine today, and may that light bring honor and glory to your Father.

You may be thinking that you have never received the light of Christ. If you feel you are being led to make a decision to become a saved child of God, do it today. Email us at, and one of our pastors at Community Life Church would be thrilled to help guide you to the light of Christ.