The metanarrative (big fancy word for the big story) of the Bible is the message of how a loving God sent his only Son to die for us so that we may have life. The Bible is not a self-help book but rather a relationship book for man to be restored to God. With that said, believers shouldn’t miss out on what scripture has to offer.

Growing up, especially in seminary, I was told to avoid seeing the Bible as merely as an instructional guide. Pastors and teachers warned me never to reduce God’s word to a philosophical guide. I agree with them, but I also think that the Bible offers the believer great counsel that, if used, will make a huge difference in the life we live. I mean, think about it, Jesus was called the wonderful counselor.

Most Christians carry around a Bible, and some people even refer to the Bible as the Word of God. But have you ever stopped and thought about that title, Word of God? This implies that the book literally contains the words of God. How many people spend countless amounts of money seeking advice from a psychic, calling in to a radio host, or even talking to a pastor when, sitting on our shelves, are the actual Words of God, willing to instruct us on how to live.

I am convinced after reading scripture that God is madly in love with his children. More than just giving life, I believe that a good father talks with his children and teaches them to think correctly and live rightly. Jesus was called the wonderful counselor because he wants to give us sound counsel. So, in your next dilemma, rather than calling someone or stewing over the problem, go to the living and active Word of God and see what advice God has for you!