Read: Romans 8:28, Psalm 84:11, Jeremiah 29:11

Can I Be Sure?

Can you know the will of God for your life? After reading through this plan, I hope you’re confident that you can know His will in the grand, overarching plan He has for you. You can learn to hear Him at the great crossroads of your life and in the smallest details.

As you journey forward, seeking assurance of His will for you, ask yourself the following questions carefully and prayerfully:

Is it consistent with the Word of God?

Is this a wise decision?

Can I honestly ask God to enable me to achieve this goal?
Do I have genuine peace about this path?
Is this decision appropriate for who I am as a follower of Christ?
Does this fit God’s overall plan for my life?
Will this decision honor God?

When you can say “yes” to these seven questions, you’ll know you’ve confirmed God’s will. If you can’t answer these questions right away, don’t get frustrated. You may run a decision or a course of action through these questions several times before you know God’s will for sure. But in time, the Father will make it crystal clear if you’re on the right path or if your course needs adjustment. As I’ve shared with you throughout this reading plan, you can always trust God to speak to you.

Likewise, remember that although the Lord cares about the choices weighing on your mind, His greater goal is to deepen your relationship with Him. He doesn’t just want to answer a question in your heart—He wants to form a pattern for you to relate to Him in every aspect of your life. He desires for you to be continuously aware of His goal for you, the ways He speaks to you, what may be hindering His will, and how you can confirm His path for you.

Therefore, commit to doing God’s will—not only in the present decisions before you, but for your entire life. Refer often to the ways of discovering His will (Day 5) and make each of these a daily part of your life. Periodically, examine whether there are any hindrances thwarting your relationship with Him (Day 6). Review the seven questions for confirming His will as often as needed (Day 7), realizing that you have almighty God on your side to show you exactly what He wants you to do.

And finally, always be willing to do whatever your heavenly Father says—no matter how big or small, practical or unreasonable, easy or difficult, popular or unpopular, rewarding or costly.

Always say yes to Him.

Even when you don’t want to, are afraid, don’t understand His direction, or when it’s painful—remember that Jesus is the One who saves you, forgives your sins, sanctifies you, provides for you, protects you, gives you a home in heaven with Him, and loves you unconditionally and eternally.

Allow your Savior to give you the abundant blessings and the fullness of joy He’s planned for you. Say yes to His will … because when you do, you’ll experience life at its very best and rewards in eternity beyond measure.

We would like to thank In Touch Ministries for providing this plan.