Read: Acts 5:12-20

In the Shadows and Out of Prison Gates

The power of the Holy Spirit is evident as the church continues to grow through the apostles’ teaching and ministry of healing. Their reward? They are once again thrown in jail. However, their stay didn’t last very long.

Explore the Theme: As the good news is spreading, drawing men and women to the church, the religious leaders become filled with jealousy and arrest the apostles. Why might the high priest and leaders be jealous? What do you think the apostles thought about God, first at their arrest and then at their quick release?

Ask God: Ask God to show you a time in your life when he worked things out for good despite difficulty along the way. What did that experience teach you about God? About yourself? Invite God to search your heart and show you any areas where you need to focus more on him and less on your circumstances.

Live it Out: The apostles were doing what God asked of them and still hit a roadblock. Commit to praying throughout the week, specifically asking God to give you the courage and strength to trust him even when you can’t see what he’s doing.

We would like to thank Sandals Church for providing this plan.