Read: Acts 4:1-14

The Church Emboldened

This newly formed Church is rapidly growing, spreading across the city. Peter, John and this newly formed church are facing massive opposition from people in power. But it’s too late for them to stop this rapidly spreading message of Jesus.

Explore the Theme: Peter is imprisoned and cross-examined by the high priests for preaching the gospel and for healing a sick man. Was he angry about the way he was treated? Or did he remember Jesus standing in a similar place? Did he know that in this difficult moment he was beginning to look like Jesus?

Peter is accused by some pretty powerful men. How might he have been engaging with God in that moment?

Ask God: When was a time God asked you to stand up against popular or powerful people in order to do the right thing? What has kept you from being bold in those moments? When you have been bold, and were accused unfairly or punished for your action, how did you react? What do you think God may be trying to build in your character in those times in order to make you look more like Jesus?

Live it Out: The boldness of the disciples, who were uneducated men, left the religious leaders speechless and amazed and they “recognized that they had been with Jesus.” What is one way you can be more bold in your faith this week so that others recognize you have been with Jesus?

We would like to thank Sandals Church for providing this plan.