Read: Acts 3:1-26

Spreading Like Wildfire

The newly formed Church persists in connecting, stoking the flames lit by the Holy Spirit, being united to good works. And, despite their cultural problems, this burgeoning Church continues to grow and spread the good news about Jesus.

Explore the Theme: Peter continually seizes each opportunity to share the good news. How did he recognize each situation as an opportunity? How did he know God would respond to him?

Peter stresses, again, God’s plan for the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, giving them yet another chance to repent. Why is it so important that Peter extend this invitation more than once?

Ask God: How might God be extending an invitation to you through this passage? Do you find yourself turning toward or away from God in those moments even though you know the outcome of the act of repenting? Ask God to remove any barriers keeping you from experiencing his forgiveness today.

Live it Out: Peter was both bold and opportunistic when it came to spreading the gospel message. His time spent with Jesus radically transformed his life, giving him boldness; his passion for inviting others to experience that same transformation gave him eyes to see opportunities for telling others about Jesus. What steps can you take this week to allow Jesus to transform your life? Invite him into the process, asking him to expose any matters of the heart where he wants to transform you.

We would like to thank Sandals Church for providing this plan.