Read: Acts 2:22-47

Exploding Growing Church

As many come to celebrate Pentecost, the apostle Peter boldly preaches in their midst, pointing to Jesus in the Scriptures and telling the people to turn towards the good news about their long-awaited Messiah. The hearts of many are set ablaze and the Church explodes with growth.

Explore the Theme: Peter explains to the growing crowd that Jesus is Lord and His ministry, death and resurrection were God’s plan from the very beginning. How do you think this changed the way they saw Jesus? What might they be feeling about Jesus right now?

Peter then tells them that the same power that gave Jesus victory over death is promised to everyone who turns from their sins and places their faith in Christ. Thousands respond and are saved. How do you think Peter felt watching the crowd receive His words? Why do you think so many accepted His invitation?

Ask God: How does reading about God’s plan from the beginning encourage you about his plans for your life? How does that impact your willingness to trust God with your needs and desires? Ask God to reveal any areas where you need to trust His plans over your own.

Live it Out: The good news is that everyone who turns from their sin and places their faith in Jesus is welcomed into His family – your family! Pray about someone with whom you can begin to share the good news of your faith. Who comes to mind? What steps can you take to share God’s love with them?

We would like to thank Sandals Church for providing this plan.