Read: Acts 1:6-14

A New Beginning

The angel said, “Why are you standing here?” It was time for the apostles to get moving and do what Jesus had told them to do. This message is for us as well. We are called to listen and obey. We are called to be the Church, regardless of our circumstances.

Explore the Theme: The early believers asked Jesus if he was going to finish the work that he started and instead, he tells them that they will be empowered to do the work, themselves. What do you think they feel towards God at this moment? What do you think they might think about God?

Then, they watch Jesus disappear into the sky and are simply told to wait together in Jerusalem. What might they be experiencing (e.g. anger, frustration, joy, sadness, fear, worry, victory)?

Ask God: What are the areas in your life where you are stagnating instead of moving forward? Is there a step that you might need to take that you have been avoiding, or that might seem too small to matter? Ask God to give you the empowerment you need to keep moving forward even though all your plans might be upside down.

Live it Out: The disciples had been through a time of traumatic loss, not only of Jesus in the flesh but the security they had when he was alive and with them. They were given instructions right after they witnessed him crucified and resurrected; so what did that mean for them? As you face times of personal uncertainty, what steps can you take personally to grow your faith even (and especially) when you aren’t able to see all of the details

We would like to thank Sandals Church for providing this plan.