Read: Acts 1:1-5

From Death Comes New Life

As you’ve read about the birth of the church, we trust you’ve observed some of the following themes: boldness, strong community, grace and love for others, and God’s power as he works among his faithful.

This is but a small list of the themes in this section; undoubtedly you have experienced additional messages as you’ve journeyed through these passages.

We would encourage you to devote some time to writing down the main points that God has revealed to you during this “Early Church” stage. What did he reveal about himself? About his church? Did anything stand out to you personally – perhaps there were recurring action items that showed up in your “Live it Out” sections?

The best time to capture these “God-messages” is now – while the passages are fresh in your mind. Commit to spending time in the next day or two to journal through these themes.

We would like to thank Sandals Church for providing this plan.