Read: Acts 7:18-35

Stephen’s Speech (Pt. II) – The Rescue

Stephen continues to speak the truth. He turns to the life of Moses, the hero of their faith. Stephen walked them through the life of Moses, who was sent by God to rescue his people from a mighty oppression.

Explore the Theme: Moses’ life was anything but simple. Removed from his family, raised in royalty and rejected by his own people, Moses fearfully fled his home and lived in exile for 40 years before being called into ministry at age 80 to free God’s people. What most stands out to you about Moses’ story? How do you think Moses felt being told to return to Egypt to rescue God’s people?

Ask God: God called Moses in spite of his complicated story. How does that encourage you in God’s desire to use you? Is there any area of your life you need to invite God to speak into so you can experience freedom? Ask God to show you how he wants to transform you so that he can use your life for his glory.

Live it Out: Moses heard the voice of God and was amazed. Take a few moments today to intentionally pause, sitting in God’s presence. Reflect on all the ways he amazes you. Respond to him with gratitude, awe, or any other feelings and emotions that come to your heart.

We would like to thank Sandals Church for providing this plan.