Read: Acts 7:1-17

Stephen’s Speech (Pt. I) – The Beginning

Stephen speaks the truth about the beginning of the Jewish people. He demonstrated his belief in God’s power and faithfulness to birth a great nation. Beginning with the forefathers and going into Egypt, he showed how God walked with and blessed them in the midst of alienation, loneliness, and betrayal.

Explore the Theme: Stephen sits in front of a council of cultural and religious leaders and tells them the story of Abraham and his children. He does this to remind them that he is a son of Abraham – and that they are, too. Stephen responds to the false accusations thrown at him not in anger, but with biblical truth. What do you think would have had to happen in him to get him to a place where he could respond like this?

Ask God: As Stephen stood firm on knowing he was a descendant of Abraham, he knew that in the same way God was with Joseph, God would also be with him. Ask God to show you ways that he is present to you today. In which circumstances in your life do you need the assurance of God’s presence? Ask God to grow your faith in this.

Live it Out: Live this out by praising God that he is with you. Spend some time today being intentionally grateful: perhaps in worship, speaking words of truth, making a “gratitude list” – even (and especially!) if your present circumstances are difficult.

We would like to thank Sandals Church for providing this plan.