Read: Acts 6:1-7

We Need More Help

The people look to this rapidly growing church, putting additional burdens on its leaders. The apostles seek God’s guidance in how they should build their team. God’s qualifications for leadership may surprise you.

Explore the Theme: God’s qualifications for the new church leaders were very short and simple. Why do you think God chose these 3 attributes (good reputation, full of the Spirit, wise) as the criteria? How might the disciples have known who was “full of the Spirit”? What would someone look like and act like who is “full of the Spirit”?

Ask God: Ask God to illuminate where in your life you could improve on your reputation with others, your practice of listening to his Spirit, and your practice of wise decision-making. Which one of those areas do you struggle with the most? Is it easy for you to have good character amongst others but hard for you to live boldly? Do you need to spend more time inviting the Spirit to give you his power, wisdom, or an understanding of how to get along well with others?

Live it Out: Consider where God may be asking you to lead right now, finding comfort in knowing that God does not have a long list of expectations; he has given you the ability to lead by equipping you with his Spirit. Spend some time this week asking a friend which leadership qualities they see in you, and how you might be able to use those to serve God’s purposes during this time.

We would like to thank Sandals Church for providing this plan.