From everlasting to everlasting you are God.
— Psalm 90:2

We heard about a wealthy farmer in last week’s sermon. He was a very successful man in the eyes of the world. He had so much stuff his barns could not hold it all. He thought building more barns was the answer. It would add to his power and control. Or so he thought. As it turned out, his idea of power and control was misplaced. His power was temporary. He died before the new barns were even built. He needed another source — an eternal source of power.

We all do. We often focus on the temporary. The things we can see are right at hand. They clamor for our attention. But in our ever-changing world, we need a source of power that we can count on, both now and into the future.

In Max Lucado’s book, Traveling Light, he tells the story of a college student who lived on the second floor of a boarding house. An old retired, wheelchair -bound music professor lived on the first floor. Each morning, the college student would stick his head in the music professor’s apartment and ask, “What’s the good news today?” The old man would pick up his tuning fork, tap it on the side of the wheelchair and say, “That is middle C! It was middle C yesterday, it is middle C today, and it will be middle C 100 years from now. You might sing flat, the piano might be out of tune, but that, my friend, is middle C!”

You and I need a “middle C.” We need an eternal truth and power to build our lives with and upon. We need an eternal God. And the great news is that we have one.

The farmer in last week’s sermon died with a lot of stuff, but no savior. He was not “rich toward God.” He was not prepared for eternity. By the way, I saw a recent study that said the mortality rate in the U.S. and the world was holding very steady at 100%. We are not here on this earth for very long. An eternity awaits us.

Are you plugged into the eternal source of power our God offers us? If so, be thankful today for that great gift. If you do not have that God-given power to live on, get it today. If you need help learning how to do that, help is available. Ask a Christian friend for help, or give one of our c|Life pastors a call.