I am the proud father of two beautiful girls. Lola is 8, Harper is 6, and both have promised me that they are done getting older. I love these girls so much. They are sweet, kind, a little sassy at times, but all-around pretty amazing kids. They rarely do anything wrong, but there is one thing they do that just absolutely drives me crazy as a dad. Can I tell you what it is?

Whenever Lola and Harper are frustrated or sad about something, rather than express their anger or sadness, they run to their room, lock the door, and they won’t speak to me. Now, to be fair and transparent, this may be a commentary on my parenting and not an indictment of them.

Their response drives me crazy because, as their dad, I want to know what is bothering my children. I want to talk with them, comfort them and, because I am a guy, I want to fix their problem so we can go back to playing together. This is what I want as a dad, and I have to believe that our heavenly Father is the same way.

In a strange way, my girls’ honesty doesn’t tear us apart but actually brings us closer together, even when I am the reason for their frustration. Our authentic talks show me a side of my girls that I don’t always get to see. As a dad, I don’t like chaos, but I appreciate the authenticity of my children.

As a pastor, I have had to field the question, “Is it OK to be angry with God?”

The question is usually posed to me when someone is going through a difficult season. To their surprise, my answer is, “Yes, it is OK to be angry with God.”

Read the Bible, especially the psalms, and you will see King David lamenting to — and often about — God. David is raw and uncensored in his words. I believe that God placed these psalms in the Bible to show us David’s feelings and to encourage us to be honest in our feelings with him.

God isn’t going to be hurt by your honesty, but instead relieved that you are turning to him. Just like an earthly father, God wants to hear from his children.

The next time you are in a difficult season, rather than screaming into a pillow, cry out to God. Let him know how you are feeling.