This is a new one for me. I have never been asked to give my public thoughts about sex before. My first thoughts were:

  1. Sex was created and given to us by God to be used and enjoyed within a Godly marriage.
  2. I am for it.

After a closer inspection of the assignment, however, I think that some further comments might be appropriate.

If you are married, that union is the most important earthly relationship that you can have. Godly sex is very important to a healthy marriage. Like all relationships, even good marriages have some challenges. How can we have marriages that do not just survive, but ones that thrive?

The word thrive suggests growth. Thriving requires movement. You both have to make constant deposits into your marriage account to make it grow. Care for and encourage each other daily. Small daily efforts of this type are more important than one or two big efforts once or twice a year (Do not forget, though, that Valentine’s day is approaching!). It is a shame that some of us Christians show more love to the people in our Bible studies or small groups than we do to our own husbands and wives. That will not lead to a thriving marriage. If we do not even act as if we like each other, very little sex of any kind is going to occur. How long has it ben since you intentionally said a kind and loving word to your spouse?

You might be thinking, “Well, I will start being affirming when my husband or wife starts.” The problem with that is that your spouse is probably saying the same thing. So, who starts? You do. When? Now would be a really good time.

There are some other things to talk about here, but I am out of space. I do have one final word to you: pray to God for your marriage each day. None of us are smart enough to navigate our way through our relationships and marriages on our own. We do not have the wisdom to know how to handle all the tough situations. But as Christians, we do not have to rely on our own strength. God is with us.

Love is patient and kind…
— 1 Corinthians 13:4