Do you remember that story in the Bible where the disciples are going across the sea of Galilee, and Jesus is seen walking on water? The disciples are freaked out because they have no idea who or what is coming towards them. At first, they assume it is a ghost. Immediately, Jesus reveals himself to the disciples to remove their fear. Then Peter makes an odd request for Jesus to confirm his identity by requesting that Peter get out of the boat. Jesus responds with one word , “Come,” and Peter is out of the boat.

I have often wondered about this passage and what was going through Peter’s mind. Why would Peter leave the safety of the boat for the uncertainty of the waves? Why would Peter leave many to follow one?

Ultimately, I think Peter wanted so desperately to please Jesus. I think Peter wanted to demonstrate that he had faith — enough faith to even walk on water. The problems began when the winds and the waves were bigger than Peter expected. His fear was greater than he imagined. Peter started looking at the waves and not at the one who calms the waves. Peter lost faith that Jesus was able to take care of the situation.

I think you and I are very much like Peter. We want so badly to please Jesus. We long to hear the words, “Well done good and faithful servant.” Yet we take our eyes off of him. We start looking at our situation crashing around us, and we get scared. We start to wonder if we can trust Jesus. Can Jesus provide in this situation?

When we step out in faith, we leave the security of our world, and we have to trust Jesus.

I don’t know what your metaphorical boat is, or where you find your safety. Maybe you find comfort in your retirement plan, your job, your family or your connections. Like the boat, these only appear to provide safety. Ultimately, God is our safety, and he is in control.

Today, maybe God is calling you to step out and trust him. For some of you, it may be your first time to step out and put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ alone. Not trusting in what you do or don’t do. Not trusting in what church you attend or how much money you tithe. But trusting in Jesus Christ alone for your salvation, for only he is able to save.