Read: Philemon 1:8-25

What does it say?
Paul appealed to Philemon to graciously receive his runaway slave, Onesimus, who had become a Christian.

What does it mean?
The story of Onesimus is a beautiful representation of God’s grace. Paul showed a picture of Christ’s love as he pleaded for Philemon to accept Onesimus no longer as an enslaved person but as a beloved brother. When a person accepts Jesus as Savior, Christ goes before God the Father and asks that He no longer see that person as a slave to sin but as His brother or sister redeemed by His precious blood. Paul was ready to pay Onesimus’s debt, just as Jesus willingly paid every believer’s sin debt on the Cross.

How should I respond?
Do you ever wish to go back to the past and fix mistakes? We all do. That’s why this story is so personal. It reminds us that once we accept Christ, the past is gone. Have you asked Jesus to cover your sin debt? If so, you can rejoice with Onesimus that your sins have been forgiven. Take a moment to ponder how much God loves you, and thank Him for all He has done for you. If you have not repented and asked God to save you, there is no better time than now. You may never completely forget your past sin, but knowing Jesus means that when it does come to mind, you can focus on His gracious sacrifice, not your failures.

We would like to thank Thomas Road Baptist Church for providing this plan.