My wife and I were married on July 25, 2009. It was the greatest day of my life; the jury is still out for my wife. She has always been way out of my league. She is prettier, smarter and funnier. Well, that’s not true. She isn’t funnier than me, but she is prettier and smarter.

I have often been asked, “How did you get Lindsay to date you, let alone marry you?” To which I respond, “Poor decision making skills. Lindsay has always made bad decisions, and I just capitalized on them!”

Our marriage ceremony was held at the Texas Discovery Gardens at Fair Park, with 200 friends and family. It was a beautiful ceremony where Lindsay and I would be married, two would become one! The wedding was beautiful. We had everything a little boy dreams of: a beautiful cake, lovely flowers and delicious food! Every boy’s dream, right? OK, not quite. The whole point of the wedding, for me, was to show off my beautiful bride and to proclaim to everyone that she was mine. I wanted everyone to know that we were getting married, and we were in a lifelong relationship. I loved her, and I wanted everyone to know!

Baptism is very much like a wedding ceremony: an opportunity to proclaim to everyone that you are in love and you are entering into a committed relationship. Baptism is an expression of our love. I have often thought that many believers misunderstand the point of baptism. At times, baptism has been portrayed as something you ought to do, rather than as something that you get to do. Baptism is seen as an obligation instead of an opportunity. My wedding was an opportunity to proclaim my love for my wife. My baptism was an opportunity to proclaim my love for Jesus Christ.

Baptism is not demanded for faith, but rather it is a demonstration of faith in Jesus Christ.