Read: Romans 8:11

Prayer isn’t just for the most spiritual Christians. Prayer is something all of us can learn to do more of, and the more we learn the better off we will be.

Henrietta Mears once said, “Christianity isn’t adding a burden to your life, it is adding power.”

Does your Christian life seem like one that is full of the power of God? I hope you can experience God’s power in your faith in a greater and greater way throughout your life. A big part of this will be learning to seek God in prayer, to pray according to the Word of God, and to submit and surrender to God more fully in our lives.

It’s been said, “When you make prayer your habit, miracles will become your lifestyle.” There is a definite connection between praying and communing with God more, and breakthroughs in all areas of our lives.

This is available to you starting right now, and it’s available to all who will avail themselves to pray and seek God.

We would like to thank Think Eternity for providing this plan.