There are so many things to love about hiking to the top of a mountain. I love the feel of the breeze as I get closer to the top. I love seeing nature up close and personal. I love the crunch of rocks shifting beneath my feet. When I am hiking, I have a purpose: get to the top to see that view. There is nothing like seeing the world around you from the top of a mountain. I know that, no matter how difficult it is to get to the top, it will all be worth it once I get there.

The beautiful view is so worth the journey to the top that I sometimes overestimate my ability to handle the trail’s difficulty. In the planning phase, I say to the family, “We can handle a 7–8 mile hike through steep rocky terrain.” Being cautious, sensible, or scared doesn’t even cross my mind because I have already looked at the photographs snapped by others at the top, and I know that I want one just like it for myself.

Having a heavenly purpose is just like the journey to reach that amazing view. Paul said in Philippians 1:21 that for him living means living for Christ. Throughout the book of Philippians, Paul explains how walking through life with a Christ-like mindset keeps you focused on unity with others, peace, humility, joy, and love. Waking each day and resetting your focus helps keep you from complaining, arguing, vanity, pride, worry, and fear. Some of us may not reach the end of our lives having accomplished what the world would define as a life well-lived. However, Paul reminds us at the end of Philippians 1:21 that, for believers, dying is better than anything in this life. Whether we reach the top of the mountain on Earth or not, as believers, heaven awaits, and it is worth the journey.