This devotional was originally published on March 15, 2018.

A large crowd followed and pressed around him. And a woman was there…
— Mark 5: 24

Satchel Paige was a great pitcher. However, being a black pitcher back in the 1940s, he did not get to pitch in the major leagues until he was over 40 years old.

After he made it to the major leagues, a reporter asked him for his thoughts on how to become a great pitcher. Paige answered with a famous quote when he said, “Well, I think about 90% of success is just showing up.”

Paige understood that the first step to being a successful pitcher was making sure to show up every day to work out, participate and improve. The days that he showed up and worked hard on fields that had empty stands eventually led to him pitching very successfully in major-league ballparks.

That truth is not only found in baseball. It is true in many other arenas of our lives.

Sunday we heard about a woman who was healed. The first step towards her healing was that she showed up. She heard Jesus was passing through her town. She decided she had to be there to see Jesus. This woman brought some other great qualities with her as well. She showed courage and a boldness to reach out and touch him. She had wisdom to know that her needs could be met only through him. It was not easy for her. The crowd was large. They were not interested in this “unclean” person. But her passion and faith was greater than the crowd and distractions. And she was healed.

Some good lessons can be learned from this woman. For one thing, she showed up. As a child of God, before we can be blessed by a Bible study, a worship service or the fellowship of Christian friends, we have to show up. We have to be there to participate. It is good to check from time to time on how consistently we are putting ourselves in positions to be blessed and to hear from our God.

“…90% of success is just showing up.”
— Satchel Paige