Read: Psalm 27:7-10

God invites each of us to have a relationship with him. He promises to welcome us even if we’ve lost everyone else.

Lord God, please assure me that you hear me when I cry out to you.

Read (Psalm 27:7–10)
God doesn’t promise that we’ll never suffer from loneliness, but he does promise that he’ll never leave us.

God wants to talk to us, share our sorrows, give us counsel, listen to us talk about our days and our worries and our joys. When David wrote this psalm, he got honest with God. It felt like God wasn’t listening, so David cried out even louder. And while he waited for an answer, he reminded himself something true about God: “The Lord will take me in” (verse 10 ESV).

Try praying in David’s style. Cry out to God with your real emotions. List (either writing or speaking out loud) some true things about God’s character.

We would like to thank American Bible Society for providing this plan.