Read: John 14:16-18

When Jesus knew that he was about to die, he comforted his friends by telling them that his Father would send the Holy Spirit, a Helper, to be with them. Jesus’s words for his disciples are meant for all his followers throughout the world and throughout history.

Holy Spirit, you say that you will dwell in me and be with me. Please, show me how you are working in my life. Please help me and direct me.

Read (John 14:16–18)
Jesus knew his friends would feel lost and alone after his death, so he comforted them with a promise.

Jesus says that in his physical absence, he will be spiritually present with his followers in a very real way. Think about the things that Jesus said and did while he was physically on earth. He stopped his important work or delayed his much needed rest in order to pay attention to the overlooked. He ate meals with his friends. He asked searching questions. He understood people, and he acted out of compassion for them. Jesus’s Spirit now acts as a companion to us, doing what Jesus would have done. Can you see how his Spirit has been working in your life?

How do you define “companion”? Maybe you have pictured an ideal friend or spouse, but the reality of your life doesn’t measure up. Consider what kind of companion God is. How can you reach out to him for companionship?

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