Read: Isaiah 43:1-2

There is an epidemic of loneliness in our culture. Loneliness comes from feeling that no one understands us—that no one really cares to know us. When we’re lonely, we long for the feeling of coming home to a friend or a spouse or a family that is happy to see us. We want to have somewhere we really belong.

God takes loneliness seriously. In fact, he promises to come near us and give us true companionship, family, and contentment.

Lord God, you promise to save those who call on you. I’m calling on you because I need your help. I feel weighed down by loneliness. Please open my ears to hear you speaking to me in your Word.

Read (Isaiah 43:1–2)
In this passage, God’s people are in exile from their home country. Yet God promises that even though it seems they’ve been cut off from him, he has not forgotten them.

God assures his people that he will never leave them, and he lists some reasons. What are they?

Why do you think God reminds his people that he knows their names? What do you think it means that God knows your name?

What do you think it means that God is with you today? One way to experience God’s presence is to spend time with other Christians—whether it’s for prayer, Bible study, or a meal together. Another way is to take a break in the middle of the day to pray. What are some practical steps you can take to consistently invite God’s presence into your routine?

We would like to thank American Bible Society for providing this plan.