When Rahab made the decision to hide two spies who had come into her city, she had no idea of the future implications it would have. She took a step of faith to help two complete strangers that ended up saving her life, her family’s lives and, ultimately, the lives of you and me today.

In a time of teaching, Jesus told the disciples:

“…Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.”
— Matthew 25:40

With these words, Jesus tells us that Rahab’s protection of these men was just as if she did it for him, though she didn’t realize that her lineage would travel down many generations to Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father. Without this single act, the course of history could have been forever changed. Rahab’s willingness to listen to what God was telling her to do opened the door for a savior for all of eternity.

As we go through today, let’s not get caught up in the daily ritual of things that we believe are more important than all else. Whatever it is that you feel God calling you to, have the courage to take that step in faith to live out what he has for you. The enemy will try and fill your thoughts with how we are not worthy to do God’s work because we have a past, a past that can be filled with lies, pain, addiction, suffering, and so much more. Look at how God used Rahab. She was a known prostitute in the town of Jericho and God used her to do a great thing. And he will do great things through us, too, as long as we are willing and able to follow his lead.