At work last week I walked from a back office, where I was preparing payroll, to a front office, where I was running two reports, to answer a call on my office phone, while using my cell phone to respond to text messages and emails, when a coworker stopped me to ask a work-related question. I had six things going at once. I stopped and laughed out loud at my situation.

Many of you could share similar stories, perhaps with even greater flair and more juggling.

It’s easy for us to lose focus. It will happen if we allow it. With the speed of life these days, and the strain of demands and activities heaving us in every direction, we can miss God’s opportunities.

“…Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes…”
— John 4:35

In this passage of Scripture, Jesus chides the disciples about their lack of attention to the people around them. They were certainly able to see, but their focus was off. They could see, but they didn’t see clearly.

The disciples, while well-meaning in their concern, were urging Jesus to eat. In response to their urging to grab something on the go, Jesus said, “I have food to eat that you do not know about.” (John 4:32)

The disciples were concerned with physical needs, while Jesus saw the spiritual opportunities around them.

Jesus was telling the disciples (and us), “Seize the moment!” He was telling them to open their eyes and seize this moment.

Look around. Think about your family, friends, classmates and coworkers. Make a list. Who needs help? Who is hurting? Who is sinking? Who is sad? Who is sick? Who is all alone? Who do you know right now that needs encouragement? Who needs a Savior?

Who could you invite, as the Samaritan woman did, to “come see a man”?

Let us lift up our eyes, seize the moment, show concern, and share him with others today.