Over the course of my 12-year relationship with my wife, I’ve written her a few poems. I’m not the world’s greatest poet or anything, but if you’re a man and you’ve found yourself a good woman, you should write her a poem every once in a while. (I’m not sure why, but it’s my observation that women love poems written about them.) When I write a poem for Lauren, since poetry doesn’t come naturally to me, I pore over every word choice, rhyme and meter to make sure it’s all just right. There are no accidental or inconsequential words or phrases. I write, read aloud, edit, write, read aloud and edit some more, until the poem is perfect. My first poem for Lauren was such a labor of love that I framed it for her as a gift, and we displayed it in our home!

Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are [God’s] workmanship…” The Greek word for workmanship is poiema, from which we get our word poem. You are God’s poem. That’s a beautiful concept, isn’t it? You are a custom-crafted masterpiece from the desk of the Father. Your personality, your talents, your gifts, your spirit, your passions — none of it is by accident! All of it was written into you by the hand of God.

And, just like my poem for my wife points to my great love for her, your life points to the loving heart of the Father. When others look at your life, they should be able to see the heart of your author, who happens to be their author as well.

Do you want to know the purpose of your life? Here it is: know your author and make him known to other poems. It’s what you were made for, and there is nothing more satisfying in this world!