Jesus left the glory of heaven and entered the world as a child in a stable. He lived as a man and worked as a carpenter.

He revealed God’s character. He exemplified God’s love. He displayed God’s power.

He got tired. He healed. He was angered. He prayed. He reasoned. He wept.

He did not waver. He never sinned. He honored the Father.

He confronted, convicted and comforted.

He preached and persevered.

He knelt as he washed the disciple’s feet. He sat as he disclosed his destiny. He stood as he was being condemned to die.

He struggled under the weight of the cross, knowing the fate that awaited him. He suffered an ugly crucifixion, absorbing the sins of the world. He screamed in anguish.

He submitted to death, even though he had power over it. He relinquished his life to make peace with the Father for us. He shattered death and darkness and rose from the grave.

He sent his Spirit to lead and encourage us. He is restored to his place and sits on the throne of Grace. He will return as a triumphant King to claim his people.

He was like no King before and none that will come.

He is King over all nations.

He is King over all rulers.

He is King over death.

He is King over Satan.

He is King over sin.

He is King over the whole earth.

He is King of the kingdom of God.

He is King of kings.

He is King Jesus!