Read: John 1:23-34, Isaiah 40:3, Mark 1:1-4, John 1:6-8, Mark 16:16, Luke 1:13-17

Preparing the Way

Yesterday, we met John the Baptist and learned that he was sharing about the arrival of a Messiah. Let’s take a deeper look at who John the Baptist says he is. In John 1:23, he’s asked to reveal who he is and he responds by quoting Isaiah 40:3, saying:

… “I am the voice of one calling in the wilderness, ‘Make straight the way for the Lord.’” John 1:23 NIV

Isaiah was one of many prophets in the Old Testament who talked about a messenger coming before the Messiah. The purpose of this messenger was to set the stage for the Messiah. John the Baptist was claiming to be this kind of messenger. What exactly was John doing to prepare the way?

He was an eyewitness. In John 1:7–8, the author introduces John the Baptist as a witness to the light—Jesus. John witnessed the Spirit descend on Jesus and testified about it. He gave an eyewitness account that Jesus was the Messiah so people would believe.
He was an evangelist, spreading the good news. When John the Baptist started spreading his message, many people at the time had turned away from God and started going their own way. They weren’t pursuing God and living in a way that was pleasing to Him. So John the Baptist’s message turned the hearts of the people back toward God.

If you pay close attention to the passages about John the Baptist today, you’ll realize he only had one mission: To prepare the way. He didn’t get distracted by other things but focused on the one thing he believed he was called to do. He knew his purpose in life and fulfilled it unapologetically.

What is your purpose?

Are you living out the purpose God has for you?

All of us are called to spread the good news of Christ to prepare the way for Christ’s return. How are you doing that?

Father, thank You for the good news of Jesus. Help me share Your hope and Your love with everyone in my path. Give me clarity about my purpose and remove any distractions that keep me from living out what You’ve called me to do.

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