Read: John 1:14, John 1:17, John 8:31-36, John 14:6, John 18:36-37, Ephesians 6:13-15, 2 Timothy 4:3-4

Desperate for Truth

God’s law was given to us through Moses. The law was put in place to reveal what is wrong and sinful and direct us to what is right, life-giving, and pleasing to God. The trouble with the law is that it can never make us righteous before our perfect and holy God because we are unable to fulfill it. That is why Jesus Christ came and provided what the law can never accomplish—a lasting purification for sin.

The grace of Jesus combined with truth made a way for us!

Jesus came full of grace and truth. Grace and truth—not divine favor without the reality of the truth. Not truth absent of His kindness. Not grace alone, nor truth alone, but a grace that is truthful and a truth that is gracious!

The word “truth” is found in John’s gospel 25 times. Why do you think Jesus identified Himself as “the Truth”? The Greek word aletheia is the Bible’s original language for “truth.” Aletheia is also defined as “a fact,” and is synonymous with the word “reality.”

Truth is reality! This shows us there is no deception or illusion in truth.

This world will always be in desperate need of actual reality—truth. Deception is our most fearsome epidemic. We have settled for illusions and delusions that are poor substitutes for Jesus Christ.

That’s why it is imperative to know and share truth! If you are a Christian, you hold the truth. Truth is all of God’s faithful wisdom, knowledge, and ways. Truth is our unchanging foundation. Truth sets us free. Truth is Jesus!

Why does knowing and living in truth bring freedom?

Name a substitute “reality” you see people living from in your culture.

What about in your own life? Where have you taken on a substitute reality or “truth”?

Take on this simple challenge: Instead of 10 more minutes on your social media account, spend those precious moments in God’s Word.

Blessed Father! You are the true reality of this world! I praise You for revealing Your truth to me! May my soul increasingly hunger and thirst to grow in my knowledge of You. I want to know You more and more. Your perfect ways and wonderful wisdom set me free. I rejoice because I am free in You!

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