Read: John 1:14, Exodus 34:5, Galatians 2:21, Hebrews 4:16

Our Gracious God

Here’s one way to share the good news: Christ Jesus took on human form to live among us, reveal God’s glory, and provide our redemption—and this Jesus came full of two unmistakable traits: grace and truth.

Jesus is grace, and Jesus is truth. His grace and truth are inseparable. Jesus is never grace that excludes truth. And Jesus is never truth without grace. Grace and truth are not just qualities of Jesus, but they are His very identity.

Now, let’s get a closer look at His grace.

Grace is charis in our Greek New Testament. Charis is one of the most beautiful and stunning gifts. Charis is when God freely moves toward someone undeserving to bless them with His favor and kindness. John 1:16 explains that from the fullness of Christ we have received grace upon grace already given.

What do you think receiving “grace upon grace already given” means?

The Old Testament Scriptures use the word “hesed” for our word “grace.” Hesed is defined as “lovingkindness, merciful, or covenant love.” Hesed is covenant love and a covenant word. That means this grace (hesed) applies to and is enjoyed by everyone who receives the gift of God’s salvation through the sacrifice of Jesus’ blood on the cross. By the way, is there any way outside of the grace of God to be saved from our sins? (See Galatians 2:21.)

So “receive,” or lambano in Greek, is also a key term here. It means to take hold of something aggressively or assertively. So, what if the degree to which we live in the fullness of God’s “grace upon grace already given” is impacted by our willingness to truly receive it?

Jesus’ supply of powerful grace to us is unlimited! If only we will receive it in its greater fullness. To live in the power of His grace and truth is to live in freedom and love!

How actively do you take hold of God’s grace for you each day? What about when you really mess up?

How quickly do you offer grace to someone else?

Gracious Jesus! How can I thank You enough for Your amazing grace? Without Your grace, I am totally lost and without hope. Help me completely and actively receive Your grace upon grace already given over my life today. I will walk in grace toward myself and others.

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