Read: Genesis 1:3, John 1:4, John 3:19, John 8:12, Matthew 5:14, Ephesians 5:8, Acts 26:17, Romans 13:11

Jesus Is Light in the Darkness

At the beginning of our world, God, the Creator and Word, spoke daylight into being, declaring, “Let there be light.” Darkness fled from the “day” and was sent to reside in a place called “night.”

The Gospel of John often use the imagery of light and darkness in his account of the gospel. It’s important to note that many times the Bible refers to our natural world to provide symbolism of what is true of the spiritual world.

When the author of John talks about light, he explains that the life of Jesus is the light of all mankind. And the Light shone among the darkness of man, but the darkness did not see or understand Him (John 1:4–5).

Let’s consider the nature of physical light for a moment.

What does light provide?

What does the absence of light or darkness produce?

Can darkness overcome when in the presence of light?

Light always defeats darkness, so Jesus is the conquering, all-revealing Light. But His light doesn’t end with Him.

As Christians, we are to be His light! But for light to defeat darkness, the light has to show up. It cannot be hidden away, covered by the thick clouds of unbelief, fear, unholy living, or disobedience.

Light gives us vision and reveals what was once unseen. Light gives people understanding, warmth, and power. The enemy will try anything to deceive us and keep us from living a radiant and brilliant Christ-like life. We need to fight with the sword of God’s Word by living how it tells us to live—in holiness, faith, and love.

Jesus declared that through Him, we are the light of this world (Matthew 5:14). It’s time we

wake up, show up, and shine for the glorify our Father in heaven!

How is the light of Christ in you visible through your daily life?

What darkness is still in your life that needs to be exposed to the light of Jesus?

Our Father and Creator of All, thank You for making me Your child! You are my vision! You light up my life so I can understand and see clearly. Without You, I am utterly lost. Reveal to me any area where I am holding back Your light. Holy Spirit, fill me completely. May my life reveal your glory.

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