Read: John 2:4-7, John 7:6, John 8:20, Ecclesiastes 3:1, John 12:23-27, John 13:1, John 17:1, Galatians 6:9

All in God’s Time

As you continue to study Jesus’ first miracle, reflect on these words, “My hour has not come.”

Jesus worked His first miracle discreetly. He knew His Father’s timetable was absolutely critical.

Jesus chose to work within the confines of His Father’s time to accomplish His mission. And each moment mattered. All throughout the life of Jesus we see Him refer to this idea of a “proper time.”

Speaking of the proper time, we all want to live our God-given destinies. Certainly, timing is an essential part of this. We need to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and not rush into something too soon. However, if we are going to live out God’s plans for us, that doesn’t mean we should sit around lazily or absentmindedly.

At the right moment, Mary told the servants to “do whatever He tells you” (John 2:5). Jesus told them, “Fill the jars” (John 2:7). Both required faith. Like we learned yesterday, we must put our faith into action.

Be encouraged that we will experience the proper timing of God’s purpose for us in the middle of each step of faith. When we live by faith, prayerfully trusting the Holy Spirit each step of the way, we will be able to look back and discover many moments that were soaked in God’s purpose.

What does Jesus’ understanding of “right timing” teach us about His relationship with God the Father?

What does the idea of “a proper time” for things imply about your own life?

All-Knowing Father, I praise You for Your wisdom and perfect timing! I trust that You will reveal the plans You have for me at the proper times. Grant me the heart, mind, and eyes of Jesus so that my life will continually bring You glory.

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