Read: John 2:1-11, John 2:5, Isaiah 25:6, Romans 8:28

Live with Expectation

For the next few days, we will study Jesus’ first recorded miracle: turning water into wine at a wedding.

What do you think? What does transforming water into wine reveal about Jesus? And what would Mary, Jesus’ mother, have known that day?

I don’t think Mary knew exactly what Jesus was going to do—she just knew He was capable of handling the situation. Mary was in a posture of expectancy. Like Mary, we should always expect that God is able to bring hope to any problem.

Mary could have easily accepted that the wedding ran out of wine, but she didn’t. What does Mary know that we don’t? One thing is certain—as a Jew, Mary knew the great social embarrassment of running out of wine for the wedding hosts. Wine was a symbol of joy and abundance, and a Jewish wedding was one of the most joyous occasions.

The Jewish people would also have known that wine was a symbol of their prophesied future at a messianic wedding feast when the people of Israel would be united with their Redeemer (Isaiah 25:6).

In this text, Mary teaches us two things about being expectant. First, we must take action. We cannot just hope things are going to change. Mary put her faith into action.

Second, an expectant faith is contagious. Mary passed on her expectancy to the servants, and they followed through with Jesus’ seemingly crazy request to bring out some water. Imagine servants fetching 120 gallons of water, when what they really needed was wine!

Like Mary, when we approach Jesus with expectancy, there isn’t room for disappointment. Why? If we truly believe His ways are best, it removes any selfish expectation of what we think is best.

Whatever needs you have right now, ask Jesus for help, take your next step of faith, and expect Jesus to reveal His goodness. It may not make sense. You may need wine and end up fetching water, but you can come to Jesus expectant that He is working all things out for good.

In which areas of your life do you need to approach God with an attitude of expectation?

Dearest Father, I am taking action! I am putting my unbelief to sleep! I choose to live faith-filled and expectant that You will work in all things for good. Today I wait expectantly for (present your request) and trust that Your plans are far better than my own.

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