Read: John 1:4, John 1:11, John 20:30, 1 John 5:11, John 10:10, John 14:6

Over the next 25 days, we’ll study the first four chapters of the Gospel of John together. A quick note for groups: If you’re meeting weekly to discuss this Bible Plan, simply read five days each week for a total of five weeks.

The good news according to John is a powerful and uniquely written Gospel. John was acutely aware that Jesus’ identity could lead to questions, doubt, and confusion, with many people wondering if Jesus really was who He said He was.

So John wrote his account of Jesus’ life strategically, with a goal that all who read it may believe Jesus is who He said He was—the Messiah, God’s one and only Son, and our Savior.

In fact, John’s Gospel reveals this major purpose by using the word “believe” 91 times.

Interestingly, another prominent theme within its full 21 chapters is the word “life,” which is used 36 times in this book—far more than the other three Gospels. Why do you think John continuously gave emphasis to the word “life”?

Life in Greek is “zoe.”Zoe represents both physical and spiritual life. Another Greek word that’s used throughout this Gospel is “perissos,” which can be translated as “more than, beyond what is expected, greater, exceeding expectation.”

John’s author knew what many of us are blessed to know: Jesus is life!

In fact, in John 10:10, we read that Jesus came to give us life and life to the full. Our physical existence is void of meaning (and dead) without knowing and having the source of all life within us.

When we believe that Jesus is who He says He is, He gives us Himself! He gives us real life that is more than enough, greater than this physical, temporary life, and exceedingly abundant with the fullness of His presence.

What does having abundant life through Jesus look like to you?

Jesus Is …
If you’d like to take this study a little deeper, you can start a notebook to answer the questions at the end of each day’s reading, create a “Jesus Is …” list, and write personal responses and prayers. Read through today’s Scriptures and record all your “Jesus is …” findings.

As you study each Scripture today, I’d encourage you to read through every verse slowly and repeatedly to search for details. Look for main ideas, recurring words, and overall meanings. Most importantly, our goal is to grow deeper in our faith, trust, and love for Jesus, our Savior.

Father of all life, You are life itself, and I praise You! I receive Your life! My delight is in You all day long. I throw off and surrender everything in me that is not of You and from the abundance found in You.

We would like to thank Life.Church for providing this plan.