The practice of Examen, a form of prayerful reflection, invites us to look back over the course of our week and discern the movements of God in our lives. This time of introspection is not just an exercise in self-analysis but an opportunity to encounter God’s grace and mercy in a profound way.

As you reflect on the past week, take a moment to recognize the moments where God’s grace was evident. These instances might be clear blessings – moments of joy, success, or love. But God’s grace can also be found in challenges, in lessons learned, and even in moments of failure. Every experience can reveal something of God’s character and His desire for your life.

Confession is an integral part of this process. It involves acknowledging the times when we drifted away from God’s will. These might be moments of sin, negligence in our spiritual disciplines, or instances when we relied more on ourselves than on God. Confession is not about dwelling on our failures but about embracing God’s forgiveness and grace, allowing us to move forward with a renewed spirit.

This time of reflection is also a chance to express gratitude. Consider what moments this week you are most thankful for. Gratitude realigns our hearts with God’s, reminding us of His presence in every aspect of our lives.

Finally, as you move into the next week, contemplate what you will ask God for. This could be guidance, strength, wisdom, or a deeper awareness of His presence. Whatever your needs or aspirations, bring them before God in a spirit of trust and openness.

Reflection Questions:

  • What moment this week are you most thankful for?
  • When did you feel closest to or furthest from God?
  • What will you ask God for as you move into the next week?