Read: Judges 21:25

In contemporary times, we too can fall into the trap of doing what is “right in our own eyes.” This mindset often manifests in a subtle shift away from God’s standards to our own. It’s the rationalization of small compromises, the justification of decisions that are not aligned with God’s word, or the gradual acceptance of societal norms that contradict biblical principles.

Evaluating our lives in light of this warning requires honest introspection. Are there areas in our lives where we have placed our judgment or desires above God’s will? It could be in our personal relationships, career choices, financial decisions, or even in our internal attitudes and beliefs.

To bring these areas into alignment with God’s will, we need to first acknowledge where we have strayed. This process involves humbly seeking God in prayer, asking for wisdom and discernment, and immersing ourselves in Scripture to understand His heart and will more clearly.

The first step in aligning with God’s will often involves a concrete action or decision. It might mean changing a behavior, severing an unhealthy relationship, seeking forgiveness, or making a lifestyle change. This step, no matter how small, signifies a commitment to trust and obey God rather than relying solely on our own understanding.

In doing so, we are not only avoiding the pitfalls of self-reliance but also embracing the fullness of life that comes from walking in step with God. It’s a journey of faith, where we learn to lean not on our own understanding but on the wisdom and guidance of our Creator.

Reflection Questions:

  • In what areas are you doing what is ‘right in your own eyes’?
  • How can you bring these areas into alignment with God’s will?
  • What will be your first step in aligning with God’s will?