Read: John 6:66-68, John 8:31-32, Joshua 1:7-8, Psalm 1:1-3

James 1:25 says, “But the one who looks intently into the perfect law of freedom, and continues to do so—not being a forgetful hearer, but an effective doer—he will be blessed in what he does.” If we are rightly relating to Scripture, we look at it carefully, confidently, and cheerfully. Also…

We are looking continually. James refers to the one who looks at the Law of freedom and continues to do so. Perseverance means that we stay with the Word of God. The person who receives the Scripture is the person who remains with it. Whenever we meet with the Word of God, it can become uncomfortable. Some things consistently call on our life to change. We cannot study the Bible and stay the same. Our relationship to sin must change. We will have to choose to stay on the path of life, to remain in the light.

We are compliant when looking. Instead of being forgetful hearers, we seek to be effective doers. We don’t hear the Word and then forget it. We are doers who comply, obey, and take action. We do the activity called for by Scripture. We listen obediently to comply.

There is a compensated looking. The Word of God pays. James promises that the person who looks intently at God’s Word and does what it says will be blessed. We will have a life of supernatural joy, satisfaction, and prosperity. A right relationship to Scripture, which reflects a right relationship to Christ, results in blessing. We hear the same promise when God spoke to Joshua and exhorted him to be careful to do everything according to the Book of the Law; then God would make his way prosperous. (Joshua 1:7–8) The single meaning principle from these passages that we can apply to multiple situations is that we will know blessing in that place of obedience.

What kind of a hearer are you? When you look into that perfect mirror and see what needs to change, do you walk away and live as if you never saw it? Is that your pattern? Or do you listen to obey, rejoicing even when the Word reproves you, taking care to do what it commands? If so, you’ll find the blessings God promises to those who live their life according to His Word, in faith, out of love of the One who redeems us.

We would like to thank Walking In Grace / Richard Caldwell for providing this plan.