Read: Luke 10

“However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.”
— Luke 10:20 NIV

His majesty reigns
His promises echo eternity’s claim
We praise Him
With promise engraved
My savior has written my name
We praise Him

If there’s one thing that brings me more anxiety than anything else in this life, it’s uncertainty — uncertainty about where I’m going, what will happen tomorrow, or if I’ll have enough resources to provide for myself; the list could go on forever. It can be easier to dwell on my own uncertainty than to trust that God has a purposeful plan for my life that is far greater than what I can imagine.

Luke 10:20 says that we are to rejoice that our names are written in Heaven. It makes me wonder how I can be so small-minded that I would worry about my own plans instead of focusing on the promises that God, who has written each of our names in Heaven, has for me.

The song “Engraved” off our record Heaven is about praising God for His promises to us no matter what you may be experiencing — whether you are in the midst of the best season of your life or the worst. We can find hope in knowing that God has a unique intention and purpose for all of us. Praise Him through your uncertainty, your pain, your joy, your hope. Praise Him for what He has done and what He has yet to do; praise Him for being good, even when we are not. Praise Him for the promises and hope He has given us, for they are always true and always perfect.

What areas of your life are you letting your uncertainty take priority over your trust in God’s promises for you? Spend some time thanking God for how He has guided you so far and pray that you can continually lean on His promises as you step into the future.

Jesus, thank You for the promises You have given me. I pray that Your voice will be louder than any uncertainty or doubt I may have, and that I will be grateful for every moment regardless of the circumstance.

We would like to thank Mosaic MSC for providing this plan.