A quick read of the gospels, and you will notice that Jesus performs some pretty cool miracles: healing the blind, casting out demons, even raising the dead. Jesus does some amazing things, but did you know that his first recorded miracle was at a wedding, where the party planner didn’t order enough wine? Running out of wine at a wedding was a major faux pas in the first century, so Jesus’s mother asks him to remedy the situation. Just picture it: Jesus, healer of the blind, physician to the sick, is asked to turn water into wine by his mother.

Have you ever stopped to wonder why Jesus answered this odd request? I did. This evening, during my quiet time, I was reading this story of the wedding at Cana, and I came across this story of Jesus turning water into wine. Why does Jesus do it? I believe he did it because his mother asked.

Did his mom hesitate to ask? Did she ever think, “This is stupid. This is beneath Jesus?” I don’t know — the text doesn’t tell us her inner monologue — but what it does tell us is that she asked. She asked Jesus to turn water into wine, and he did it. Pretty simple. She asked, and Jesus answered.

Have you asked? Have you asked Jesus to step into your situation?

I know all the excuses why you haven’t asked Jesus to step in, but have you ever considered that maybe the reason God hasn’t answered your request is because you haven’t asked?

In John’s gospel, Jesus turns water into wine, all because his mother asked. Maybe, it’s time you and I started asking God to move!