Read: Romans 10:17, 2 Timothy 3:16

God’s Word contains daily power for our lives. It energizes us. It fulfills us. There is so much power in the Word of God, and most people don’t realize it. But we have to stay plugged in to the power by meditating on the Word of God, and letting its power dwell in us richly.

R.A. Torrey shared what has become one of my favorite quotes, “People who pray for power but neglect the Bible abound in the church. But the power that belongs to God is stored up in the great reservoir of His own Word, the Bible. We cannot obtain or maintain God’s power in our own lives or in our work unless there is deep and frequent meditation on the Word of God.”

Torrey was a longtime ministry associate of D.L. Moody. Moody also had a passion for God’s Word, and based his whole ministry on it. In one of my favorite stories about D.L. Moody, he shares: “A quickening that will last must come through the word of God. A man stood up in one of our meetings and said he hoped for enough out of the series of meetings to last him all his life. I told him he might as well try to eat enough breakfast at one time to last him a lifetime. That is a mistake that people are making; they are running to religious meetings, and they think the meetings are going to do the work. But if these don’t bring you into closer contact with the Word of God, the whole impression will be gone in three months.”

If we really want to grow in our Christian lives, we need to keep coming back to the Word of God.

It’s not enough to read the Bible once and then move on. We need to stay plugged in to the power from heaven that God only gives us in the form of coming back to His Word over and over.

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