All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. We have all made mistakes and been a part of poor decisions. You know, those decisions that haunt us at night and seem to define our days. We live in fear that others will learn our true identities and reject us, so we live in secret, never truly letting others know the mistakes we have made:

  • That night the conversation took a turn for the worse. Things were said, relationships were destroyed, and scars were created.
  • That decision that was made in a stressful moment. Not the worst decision in the world, but certainly not a decision you’re proud of.
  • The addiction you have been battling for years. There are months of success, but you always seem to relapse. The harder you try, the more frustrated you get.

I don’t know your mistakes, but I know you have them. Here is the beauty:

God is a great steward of resources. He never wastes a hurt.

God, in his infinite wisdom, will find a way to use your mistakes to further the kingdom and help others. Those poor decisions you made give you a platform to speak to others in similar situations. That relapse turns into a counseling session for a peer heading down the same road. God never wastes a hurt, and he won’t waste your hurt. Take comfort today that God is aware of your mistakes, and he is ready to use them today for his purposes.