Read: Matthew 10:28

Fearing God does not mean living in terror or anxiety. Instead, it is about a deep reverence and awe for God’s power, authority, and holiness. It’s recognizing that God is not only the giver of life but also the one who holds ultimate authority over both our physical and spiritual existence.

This reverence for God impacts our choices and actions. When we truly fear God, we are more likely to obey His commandments, live righteously, and prioritize His will over our desires or societal pressures. It’s a fear that leads us away from sin and towards a life that honors Him.

To ‘fear Him who can destroy the soul’ means acknowledging that our spiritual well-being is ultimately in God’s hands. It’s understanding that our relationship with God is the most significant aspect of our existence and that disregarding His authority has eternal consequences. This realization should not lead us to despair, but rather to a deeper trust and reliance on God’s grace and mercy.

Fearing God is the beginning of wisdom because it puts our lives into the correct perspective. It helps us to see the world, our challenges, and even ourselves through the lens of God’s truth and sovereignty. This fear leads to wisdom by guiding us in making decisions that align with God’s values and purposes, rather than being swayed by fleeting emotions or worldly wisdom.

Reflection Questions:

  • How does the concept of fearing God impact your choices and actions?
  • What does it mean to you to ‘fear Him who can destroy the soul’?
  • How does this fear lead to wisdom?