Read: Romans 8:11

A local church once took a mission trip to build a church in a remote village in Russia. They were building the house of worship from the stones of an abandoned Russian prison. What a powerful scene!

Careful attention was taken to preserve the stones. While removing one of the large stones, they discovered a hollowed-out stone with a canister in it; inside the canister was a hastily written note: “We are a group of Christians being forced by Communists to take the stones of our church and build a prison where we will stay until we die. Our prayer is one day these stones would once again be used to build a church.”

When Christ rose from the dead, He chose to reveal Himself first to Mary Magdalene. In those days, the testimony of a woman would not even hold up in court. But Jesus picked a poor minority woman as His first witness, showing the world a minority woman with the greatest news in the world can subvert the largest, most dominant empire in the history of humankind. And now today, God’s kingdom is growing by the thousands every day, men and women committing their lives to Christ, while the Roman kingdom lies in ruins.

The Gospel story is a story of ordinary people witnessing and experiencing the extraordinary power of the resurrection. Whenever you feel poor and powerless, the resurrected Christ stands ready to reveal His power through you. All of the areas of your life that feel insignificant are exactly where Christ is looking to do another resurrection miracle.

Christ did His greatest miracles among the most ordinary people, in the most insignificant towns, at the most ordinary times. The majority of miracles were not done in the temple of Jerusalem but on the outskirts of tiny villages. If you are in an unremarkable place, you just might be in the perfect for the resurrection power of God to break out.

When you start sharing the Gospel with your own heart every day, you will start seeing resurrection in the most normal and average of days, places, and people.

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