Read: Ephesians 3:16-19

What would happen if you woke up and reminded yourself of the Gospel every day?

If you are like me, you are tempted to take the Gospel for granted and stop rehearsing it because it’s become so familiar. We store it in our story somewhere in the past and subconsciously try to move on from it. But we need to hear the Gospel every bit as much today as we did the day we heard it for the first time.

If we remind ourselves of the Gospel each morning, we will wake up and live in grateful joy that the toughest battle we are going to face today has already been won.

How different would your life be if you preached the Gospel to your own heart more regularly?

There are dozens of ways the Gospel positively impacts and shapes our everyday lives. We all need regular reminders of these benefits, and we need God’s power to grasp them more.

Too many believers think the good news is old news. We haven’t heard the Gospel too much; we haven’t heard it enough. Like many facets to a beautiful diamond, the Gospel has an infinite beauty that can never be exhausted. The more we look into the Gospel, the stronger and more satisfied we will be in our faith.

We need regular reminders of all God has done for us in the Gospel, because the Gospel fuels and motivates our desire to obey God and to serve Him. When we see how much He has done—how much He has given us in His Son—we cannot help but be changed and motivated to give Him our whole lives. And even while we are weak and feeble sinners struggling to follow a perfect Savior, the Gospel reminds us how loved we are and how much God is working in us to help us follow Him.

There is no greater need in your Christian life than regularly reminding your own heart of the truth of the Gospel.

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