Read: Acts 2:42-47, Colossians 3:15, 1 Thessalonians 5:18

The Remedy for Financial Anxiety

When we’re struck by anxious thoughts about our financial provision, it’d be great if we could just wish our predicament away by thinking happy thoughts. Unfortunately, it will take more than that to help us climb out of such mental distress.

In the latter part of Acts, 2, Paul writes about the early church community. These new believers in Jesus didn’t grasp tightly to their possessions or money. They allowed whatever they had to lay loosely on their outstretched hands. It was all God’s provision in their lives. They didn’t trust in what He gave them; they simply and powerfully trusted in Him as their sole provider.

So, what can we gain from this passage and others throughout the Bible about finding a remedy for financial anxiety? While there are plenty of ideas, here are two that will truly revolutionize the way we see our financial outlook.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “thankful people are happy people.” There’s so much truth in that. Think about it. Have you ever met a person filled with gratitude who is unhappy? When we set our minds on being thankful for what we have, we’re less likely to worry, fret, or whine over what we don’t have. Every time you feel anxiety approaching, write down or speak aloud what you’re thankful for. As you do this, you’ll come to the realization that what God has provided for you is truly a gift.

When we have a generous mindset, we’re choosing to be free in our giving. Much like the early church believers, we’re open handed with what we have, hoping that it can bless another. The moment we begin to clench our fists around money or possessions, we’ve lost sight of a generous lifestyle. Exhibiting generosity doesn’t mean that we have an abundance of possessions or even money. We don’t wait to win the lottery, receive an inheritance, or land a six-figure salaried career. Living with a mindset of generosity means that what we have, we share. Look for ways to be generous with what you have—big or little. What you consider unwanted may be an answered prayer to someone else.

Incorporating gratitude and generosity in our lives will shift our mindset from “I’ll never have enough and can’t help anyone” to “I’m thankful for what I have, so I will bless others.” As we make this mental shift, we’ll begin to live our lives with God’s overwhelmingly abundant peace, which will in turn erase any financial anxiety.

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